About Us

In The Beginning

SHOPMDSkincare.com was created in 2017 by Suzanne Bruce and Associates as a convenient way for patients to access a very curated selection of quality skincare. Suzanne Bruce and Associates is a full-service dermatology practice in Houston, Texas, that was established in 1997 by Suzanne Bruce, M.D. They offer the men, women, and families who visit their practice a vast array of services and top-of-the-line treatments all provided by knowledgeable, trained, and experienced professionals.


Each product in our store is based on sound, proven industry science, and top-notch ingredients. Since then we have continued to expand our mission to bring consumers products they can trust, selected by individuals who have the expertise to truly evaluate its claims. From simple cleansers to more complicated anti-aging products, devices, and even hair supplements, SHOPMDskincare.com only carries the best of the best.


A New Partnership

In 2020, SBA Dermatology partnered with Sanova Dermatology to expand its selection of products and expertise, bringing the latest in skin and hair care innovation. Sanova Dermatology has 13 practices in Texas and Louisiana with some of the most experienced dermatologists in their field. They specialize in medical and cosmetic dermatology, as well as dermatology based medical research - just like SBA Dermatology!


Together, we have asked our expertly-trained and knowledgeable dermatologists to curate a selection of proven products that contain higher levels of active ingredients — such as retinoids, glycolic acid, growth factors, and vitamin C — than those found in drug or department stores. This new online partnership is meant to improve your skincare shopping experience with more skincare offerings from trustworthy skincare professionals, all while making it effortless and fun to take care of your skin!


Need more guidance selecting your new skin regimen? Should you have any questions or need assistance you can rely on our dedicated online store team to help you navigate the choices available. You can request a free skincare consultation with one of our talented Aesthetic Consultants who can help navigate the selection and find the perfect skincare regimen. To make your appointment call us directly at (713)333-3554 or email us at orders@sba-skincare.com.