Plated Hair Serum


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Revitalize Your Locks with Plated™ Hair Restoration Serum: Regrow Hair with Renewosome™ Technology

Unlock the secret to a fuller, lusher mane with Plated™ Hair Restoration Serum, a pioneering solution in the battle against thinning hair. Our cutting-edge formula is powered by the innovative Renewosome™ technology, derived from platelets, designed to not only regrow hair but also to enhance its overall strength and volume.

Experience Visible Hair Restoration & Density Increase

  • Minimize Hair Shedding & Breakage: Say goodbye to noticeable hair loss and weakened strands. Our serum is expertly formulated to reduce the appearance of hair shedding and breakage, helping you maintain a healthier, more resilient head of hair.
  • Nutrient-Rich Scalp Nourishment: Directly targeting the scalp, Plated™ Hair Restoration Serum delivers essential nutrients that are key to stimulating hair follicles. Witness the transformation as your hair begins to display an increased appearance of density, thickness, and fullness, marking a significant milestone in your hair regrowth journey.
  • Enhanced Scalp Hydration for Voluminous Shine: Beyond just aiding in hair growth, our serum provides deep hydration to the scalp. This vital moisturization contributes to an amplified volume and a rejuvenated natural shine, embodying the essence of healthy hair.

With Plated™ Hair Restoration Serum, stepping into a future where your hair regains its youthful vigor and radiance is now a reality. Harness the power of platelet-derived Renewosome™ technology to revitalize your hair, making it look and feel fuller, stronger, and unequivocally thicker. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have witnessed firsthand the remarkable capabilities of our serum to transform and regrow hair, elevating their confidence and appearance.

Usage: Apply the serum to the affected scalp area. Do not wash hair for an hour following application.